“Festive Lady”: A Sculptural Bed Celebrating Equestrian Beauty

The “Festive Lady,” a bespoke bed crafted by the artist Amber Jean, renowned for her woodworking talent and passion for creating intricate art pieces.

Designed specifically for horse lovers, this bed combines the functional aspects of furniture with the finesse of a sculpture.

Artistic Craftsmanship

The bed frame is a masterpiece of artistry, showcasing expertly carved images of horses in motion – a vivid expression of equine elegance.

The headboard and footboard serve as canvases for these carvings, bringing the spirit of the animals to life in a three-dimensional form.

Material and Technique

Constructed from high-quality wood, the bed exhibits natural grain and color variations that enhance the depth and realism of the carvings.

Amber Jean’s choice of material indicates a preference for wood that can hold fine detail without sacrificing structural integrity.

Celebrating Equestrian Passion

The bed’s design pays homage to the majesty of horses, resonating with the client’s passion.

The attention to detail in the musculature and movement of the horses reflects Amber Jean’s deep respect for her subject matter and her dedication to her craft.

A Legacy of Art

Amber Jean’s journey as an artist began in childhood and has culminated in a diverse portfolio of artwork.

“Festive Lady” joins this collection as a testament to her evolving skill and her ability to infuse her work with both personal and universal themes.


“Festive Lady” is more than just a piece of furniture; it is a functional art piece that provides both comfort and inspiration.

It stands as a tribute to the beauty of horses and the craftsmanship of woodworking, embodying the artist’s lifelong commitment to creating work that captures the heart and imagination of her clients.

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