Epoxy River Live-Edge Kitchen Countertop

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Exploring the intersection of natural beauty and functional design, this blog post explores the creation of a live-edge epoxy resin countertop—a centerpiece that commands attention while offering practical use.

Crafting the Countertop

The featured countertop showcases the raw edge of wood, highlighting the unique patterns and organic shapes inherent in the tree from which it came.

This live-edge design maintains the wood’s natural contours, contrasting its rugged natural beauty with the smooth, polished surface created by the craftsman.

Material and Technique

Selected for its character and grain, the slab is carefully treated and cured to preserve its integrity.

The epoxy resin applied to the countertop is meticulously mixed and poured, filling the crevices and voids in the wood and forming a river-like feature that adds an element of bespoke artistry to the piece.

The resin enhances the visual appeal and provides a durable, waterproof finish that’s essential for a kitchen environment.

Finishing and Installation

After curing, the surface is sanded to a glass-like finish, ensuring that the countertop is beautiful and smooth to the touch.

The final finish brings out the depth and richness of the wood’s color, with the epoxy providing a reflective contrast that mimics the tranquility of still water.


This live-edge epoxy resin countertop is a testament to the woodworker’s skill in transforming a simple slab of wood into a functional piece of art.

The seamless integration of natural wood and modern materials makes this piece stand out not just as a surface for daily use but as a focal point in any space it inhabits. It’s a true blend of form and function, inspiring woodworkers and designers alike.

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