Easy Simple DIY Picture Frames

In the video “Easy Simple DIY Picture Frames,” Keaton Beyer from Keaton Beyer Woodworking demonstrates how to create custom picture frames, making the process accessible and straightforward for woodworkers of all skill levels.

This video is an excellent guide for those looking to craft personalized frames for their artwork or photographs.

Watch The Full How To Video:

Keaton begins by addressing the common scenario of delaying a project. He humorously shares his own experience of taking a year to get around to making picture frames, encouraging viewers to overcome procrastination with this simple project.

The first step involves milling the lumber, which Keaton explains can be bypassed by purchasing pre-milled lumber. However, he prefers using rough lumber for its cost advantage and the ability to choose specific types like Ash.

Keaton’s detailed walkthrough of squaring the edges with a hand plane and preparing the stock for ripping showcases his woodworking expertise. He then moves on to adding a stylish bevel to the inside of the frames, explaining that it allows more light to hit the subject without creating a shadow line. Using a feather board for safety and consistency, Keaton emphasizes the importance of maintaining precision during this step.

Next, Keaton cuts the rabbit using a dado stack, providing a fast and efficient method to ensure the frames are ready to hold the picture and glass. He highlights an essential calculation for determining the rail length, ensuring that the frames are accurately sized for the pictures.

Keaton also covers the crucial aspect of cutting the frame pieces to size, stressing the importance of consistency to avoid misaligned joints. He recommends using a ratchet strap picture frame clamp for an even and secure glue-up, making the process smoother and more effective than traditional clamps.

To strengthen the joints, Keaton adds splines, explaining their purpose and demonstrating a simple method to achieve this without a fancy jig. He also shares his preference for using acrylic over glass for the frame fronts, due to its durability and ease of cutting with standard woodworking tools.

The video concludes with Keaton finishing the frames with spray lacquer and reflecting on the importance of time and prioritization. He shares a personal story about making the frames for his wife’s childhood artwork, emphasizing the sentimental value and the joy of creating something meaningful.

“Easy Simple DIY Picture Frames” is an inspiring and informative guide for woodworkers looking to make custom frames. Keaton Beyer’s clear instructions and practical tips make the process enjoyable and achievable, encouraging viewers to take on this rewarding project.