Easy Box Joint Jig | How To Make Box Joints

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In “How to Make Perfect Box Joints on the Table Saw Every Time,” Jason Hibbs from Bourbon Moth Woodworking demonstrates a detailed and efficient method for creating box joints using a homemade jig.

This tutorial is designed to help woodworkers of all levels achieve precise and consistent box joints, enhancing the quality and appearance of their projects.

Jason starts by guiding viewers through the process of selecting and preparing materials from their scrap plywood pile.

He emphasizes the importance of choosing the right pieces for the jig’s construction, aiming for a base size of approximately three feet by 18 inches and sides that are five inches tall.

The construction of the jig involves a careful assembly process where accuracy is key.

Jason highlights the importance of marking the center of the base piece and ensuring that the front piece of the box is left longer than necessary for adjustments during the jig’s use.

One of the critical steps Jason shares is the creation of wood guides that fit into the miter slots of the table saw.

He uses hard maple for durability, ensuring the jig can be used repeatedly. The guides are cut to fit snugly in the miter slots and are just proud of the table saw surface, allowing for smooth operation.

Jason’s method includes a unique approach to assembling the jig, where the base and sides are glued and nailed together in a specific order to ensure functionality.

He also demonstrates how to cut a dado through the jig using a dado stack, adjusting the width of the dado to match the desired width of the box joints.

Throughout the video, Jason provides valuable tips on setting up the jig, including how to adjust the front piece of the box for precise box joint cutting.

He shows how to use the jig to make box joints, emphasizing the importance of a tight fit for the tabs and slots to ensure strong and accurate joints.

Jason’s tutorial is not just about building a jig but also about understanding the principles behind making perfect box joints.

His clear explanations and practical tips make this video a must-watch for anyone looking to master box joint construction on the table saw.

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