37 Simple and Easy Easter Woodworking Projects

Hop into the spirit of Easter with 37 enchanting woodworking projects that promise to brighten your home!

These woodworking crafts are the perfect way to celebrate the season. From whimsical bunny coasters to charming egg garlands, there’s a project here for every age and skill level.

But wait, there’s more joy to be had!

Many of these projects are kid-friendly, offering a wonderful opportunity to bond with your little ones while fostering their creativity. Imagine the pride on their faces as they help create a wooden Easter egg or paint a bunny-shaped bookmark.

These crafts aren’t just about decoration; they’re about making memories, sharing laughs, and enjoying the warmth of family time.

Let’s make this Easter ‘egg-stra’ special with handmade crafts that come straight from the heart.

1. Wooden Easter Eggs:

Wooden Easter Eggs

Create smooth wooden eggs that can be painted, stained, or even carved for a personalized touch. They’re perfect for an Easter display or as part of a festive centerpiece.

2. Bunny Silhouette/Shape Decor:

Cut out bunny shapes from wood to create charming wall hangings, garden stakes, or freestanding decorations. They can be painted in pastel colors or left natural for a rustic look.

3. Wooden Crosses:

Reflect the religious aspect of Easter with simple or intricate wooden crosses. They can be designed with layered wood for a 3D effect or carved with details for added depth.

4. Easter Egg Holders:

Craft small stands or trays with indentations to hold and display decorated Easter eggs. These can be simple designs or more elaborate with carved details.

5. Bunny Coasters:

Use thin wood slices or cutouts to create adorable bunny-shaped coasters. Add a protective coating to make them durable and functional.

6. Carrot Decorations:

Shape wood into carrot forms and paint them orange with green tops. They make cute additions to any Easter decor, especially when grouped together.

7. Easter Signs:

Create signs with Easter greetings or themes, such as “Happy Easter” or “Bunny Trail.” Use stencils or freehand painting to add letters and designs.

8. Bunny Ear Chair Backers:

Make festive chair decorations by crafting wooden bunny ears that can be attached to the back of chairs, perfect for a special Easter meal.

9. Easter Baskets:

Build wooden baskets that can be used for egg hunts or as decorative pieces. They can be shaped like bunnies, eggs, or more traditional basket forms.

10. Egg Garland:

Link wooden eggs together to create a charming garland. Paint the eggs in various colors or patterns and string them up for a festive look.

11. Bunny Puzzle Pieces:

Design simple bunny-shaped puzzle pieces that kids can paint and assemble. It’s a fun project that also offers a playful decoration.

12. Easter-themed Candle Holders:

Carve or assemble wood to create candle holders with Easter motifs like eggs or bunnies. They can add a warm glow to your holiday decor.

13. Wooden Tulips:

Craft tulip shapes from wood and paint them in bright colors for a long-lasting bouquet that’s perfect for Easter and throughout spring.

14. Egg-shaped Picture Frames:

Create frames in the shape of eggs that can hold springtime or Easter photos. They’re great for seasonal decor or as thoughtful gifts.

15. Rabbit Garden Stakes:

Cut out rabbit shapes to mount on stakes that can be placed in the garden or in planters for a festive touch.

16. Wooden Chick Sculptures:

Carve or assemble small chick figures from wood. These can be painted in vibrant yellows and make cute accents for any Easter display.

17. Layered Wooden Crosses:

Design crosses using multiple layers of wood for a dimensional effect. They can be stained, painted, or left natural based on your decor style.

18. Bunny Jewelry Holders:

Create functional bunny-shaped stands or hooks that can hold jewelry, adding a practical yet festive element to your decor.

19. Easter Tic-Tac-Toe:

Craft a tic-tac-toe board with Easter-themed pieces, like bunnies and eggs, for a fun and playful decoration that’s also a game.

20. Rabbit Photo Holders:

Make small wooden stands or clips in the shape of rabbits that can hold photos or notes, perfect for Easter or springtime displays.

21. Wooden Plant Markers:

Shape small stakes or plaques into Easter-themed designs like eggs or bunnies to label plants or add a decorative touch to your garden.

22. Easter-themed Trivets:

Create functional trivets with Easter designs, such as egg or bunny shapes, to protect your table from hot dishes during Easter feasts.

23. Wooden Bead Garlands:

String wooden beads, alternating with painted egg-shaped or bunny-shaped beads, to create a festive garland for your mantle or doorway.

24. Bunny Door Hangers:

Craft wooden signs or cutouts in the shape of bunnies to hang on your front door or throughout your home for a welcoming Easter touch.

25. Wooden Egg Shakers:

Make small, hollow wooden eggs that can be filled with beads or beans and sealed to create festive shakers for kids.

26. Rabbit Silhouette Plaques:

Cut out rabbit silhouettes to mount on wooden plaques for simple, elegant wall art or shelf decorations.

27. Easter-themed Keychains:

Craft small wooden charms in shapes like eggs or bunnies, add a key ring, and you have a cute and practical Easter accessory.

28. Wooden Egg Timers:

Create egg-shaped timers or decorate existing wooden timers with Easter motifs for a functional kitchen item with holiday flair.

29. Bunny-shaped Bookmarks:

Cut thin wood into bunny shapes, sand smooth, and paint or stain for a cute bookmark that’s perfect for Easter reading.

30. Wooden Spring Wreaths:

Form a wreath base from flexible branches or use a flat wooden circle as a base to attach wooden flowers, bunnies, or eggs.

31. Egg-shaped Coasters:

Cut wood into egg shapes and decorate with spring or Easter designs for functional coasters that add a festive touch to your table.

32. Rabbit Cutting Boards:

Craft cutting boards in the shape of rabbits or with rabbit accents for a functional and thematic addition to your Easter kitchen.

33. Egg Sorting Game:

Create a game with wooden eggs that fit into specific holes or slots, painted in different colors or patterns for educational fun.

34. Wooden Easter Mobiles:

Assemble mobiles with hanging wooden Easter shapes like eggs, bunnies, and chicks for a charming decoration.

35. Carved Wooden Spoons:

Wooden Utensils

Carve or burn Easter designs into the handles of wooden spoons for a festive touch in the kitchen.

36. Wooden Egg Labyrinth Game:

Craft a labyrinth game on a wooden base with pathways and holes, using a small egg as the ball to navigate the maze.

37. Rabbit-shaped Napkin Rings:

Create napkin rings in the shape of bunnies to add a special touch to your Easter table setting.

Whether you’ve chosen to craft a parade of wooden bunnies or a bouquet of tulips that will never wilt, we’re sure your home will be brimming with the spirit of Easter and the charm of handmade decor.

And let’s not forget the little helpers who made the crafting journey all the more special—their giggles, paint-smudged cheeks, and proud smiles truly bring these projects to life 🙂

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