DUST COLLECTION – Basics and Setup

In “Dust Collection Basics – What Do You Need & How To Set It Up,” Jon from Lincoln St. Woodworks offers a comprehensive guide on setting up an effective dust collection system in a woodworking shop.

He breaks down the essentials of dust collection into understandable segments, focusing on the differences between shop vacs/dust extractors and larger dust collectors, and provides practical advice on choosing the right system based on the specific needs of a workshop.

Jon explains that shop vacs and dust extractors are best suited for tools that produce a low volume of dust at high pressure, such as miter saws, circular saws, and sanders.

On the other hand, larger dust collectors, which move a high volume of air at a lower pressure, are necessary for tools that generate a lot of chips or shavings, like jointers or planers.

One of the key points Jon emphasizes is the importance of understanding the volume of air moved by these systems, measured in cubic feet per minute (CFM).

He suggests that a higher CFM is generally associated with larger, more expensive units but is crucial for effective dust collection in larger shops or with bigger tools.

Jon also addresses the topic of fine dust particles and their potential health risks. He mentions research suggesting that extensive dust collection systems are needed to capture the finest particles, but he also points out that for many hobbyists and small shop owners, such an investment might not be feasible.

Instead, Jon advocates for the use of a high-quality dust mask as a practical and affordable solution to protect one’s lungs from fine dust.

Throughout the video, Jon shares his personal setup, including the use of a cyclone separator to prevent larger chips from clogging the filter of his shop vac, and a simple yet effective system for connecting his tools to the dust collection system without extensive ductwork.

He highlights the balance between performance, cost, and space considerations in choosing and setting up a dust collection system.

Jon’s approachable explanation and practical tips make this video a valuable resource for woodworkers at any level looking to improve their shop’s dust collection setup.

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