DIY Bike Storage Rack: An Efficient Use of Space (Plus DIY Video)

Urban living often comes with the challenge of optimizing limited living space, especially for cycling enthusiasts who need a practical solution for storing their bikes.

This DIY bike storage rack is functional and fits seamlessly into the home environment without requiring much space.

Design and Functionality:

This bike storage rack features a lean-to design that supports the bike vertically, a space-saving solution perfect for apartments or small homes.

The rack is constructed using straight wooden beams, forming a stable A-frame structure with a single vertical support extending to hold the bicycle by its front wheel.

Construction and Materials:

The wooden structure appears to be made from a softwood such as pine, chosen for its affordability and workability.

The joints are securely fastened, ensuring the rack can support the weight of the bike. The addition of a soft pad at the point of contact with the wheel prevents any damage to the bike.

Installation Considerations:

The design of this bike rack requires no wall mounting or drilling, making it an excellent option for renters or anyone looking to avoid permanent alterations.

The base rests firmly on the floor, with a slight tilt to maintain balance and stability when holding the bike.

Maintenance Tips:

For woodworkers replicating this project, it is recommended to sand the wood to a smooth finish and apply a sealant or varnish to protect against wear and tear.

Regular inspections of the joints and fastenings will ensure the rack remains secure over time.


This DIY bike storage rack is a testament to the ingenuity that woodworking allows, showcasing how simple designs can resolve everyday issues elegantly.

The straightforward and factual description of this piece underscores the practicality of woodworking projects that even novice craftsmen can undertake, providing utility and enhancing living spaces with minimal effort.


This is not the same project, but I like this one too, easy to make if you have a wall you can use.

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