Dewalt 735 Planer | Unboxing & Setup

In the video “Unboxing and Setup of Dewalt 735 Planer,” the Northwest Craftsman provides a detailed and engaging walkthrough of the new Dewalt 735 planer, highlighting its features, setup process, and practical applications.

This video is an excellent resource for woodworkers looking to understand the benefits of incorporating a planer into their shop.

The Northwest Craftsman starts by explaining the purpose of a planer and its distinction from a jointer. While a jointer is designed to make a single face flat and perpendicular to another, a planer excels in creating dimensional lumber with parallel faces.

This clear explanation sets the stage for understanding why a planer is an essential tool for woodworking projects.

Unboxing the Dewalt 735, the Craftsman details each component included with the planer, such as the depth adjustment wheel, dust port, and infeed and outfeed tables. He emphasizes the importance of these features in ensuring efficient and precise woodworking.

The step-by-step setup process, including attaching the depth adjustment wheel and dust port, is meticulously demonstrated, making it easy for viewers to follow along.

A particularly useful segment of the video is the Craftsman’s guide on leveling the infeed and outfeed tables.

By using a level and making necessary adjustments, he ensures the tables are perfectly aligned, which is crucial for achieving smooth and accurate cuts. He also shares a helpful tip about using a magnetic level for easier alignment, showcasing his practical approach to problem-solving.

Throughout the video, the Craftsman performs dry runs and tests to verify the planer’s functionality, emphasizing safety by reminding viewers to use eye and ear protection.

His thorough inspection of the internal components, including the blade assembly and dust extraction system, provides valuable insights into the planer’s operation and maintenance.

Finally, the Craftsman demonstrates the planer’s performance by running a piece of 2×4 through it, highlighting the impressive finish and efficiency of the Dewalt 735. He discusses the minimal snipe and tear-out, common issues with planers, and provides tips on how to manage them.

“Unboxing and Setup of Dewalt 735 Planer” is an informative and well-executed video that not only showcases the features of the Dewalt 735 but also offers practical advice and tips for woodworkers.

The Northwest Craftsman’s expertise and clear presentation make this video a must-watch for anyone considering adding a planer to their woodworking toolkit.

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