Designing and Building a Modern Coffee Table

In “How to Build a Trapezoidal Coffee Table,” Chris from Foureyes Furniture embarks on a detailed journey to create a unique trapezoidal coffee table, showcasing his woodworking skills and innovative design approach.

The project, named “Little Larry,” is a nod to his series of trapezoidal cabinet pieces, previously dubbed “Bad Larry.”

This new addition aims to stand out with its distinct shape and functional design, moving away from the “Bad Larry” naming convention to let “Little Larry” shine on its own.

Chris begins by preparing the wood, meticulously planning and cutting the pieces needed for the table’s structure. The design includes a trapezoidal cabinet with three exterior panels and a T-shaped set of partitions that add complexity and visual interest to the piece.

The table features two drawers on one side and a small shelf on the opposite side, providing practical storage space while maintaining the table’s sleek appearance.

The video covers the entire construction process, from cutting and assembling the exterior panels to installing the internal partitions and drawers.

Chris uses dominoes for the mitered joints, enhancing the table’s strength and stability, although he notes that the dominoes are not strictly necessary and that the design’s structural integrity is primarily supported by the partitions.

Chris’s approach to the project is both educational and inspirational, offering viewers a masterclass in trapezoidal cabinet construction. He emphasizes that while the project is challenging, it is certainly achievable with careful planning and execution.

The plans for the table, available on his website, provide detailed instructions and additional information, making it accessible for woodworkers looking to tackle a project of this complexity.

“Little Larry” is more than just a coffee table; it’s a testament to Chris’s creativity and craftsmanship.

The project encourages woodworkers to explore unconventional shapes and designs, pushing the boundaries of traditional woodworking to create pieces that are both functional and artistically compelling.

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