Custom Canine-Integrated King Bed: A Woodworker’s Pet-Inclusive Furniture

This custom-built king-sized bed is ingeniously crafted to include a doggie insert, a solution for pet owners who share their sleeping space with their furry companions.

Detailed Craftsmanship

The bed is handcrafted from high-quality solid oak and pine, providing a durable and sturdy structure.

The headboard and footboard boast a classic design, and the frame encompasses a dedicated 23-inch insert for the pet.

Functional Design

This wooden bed merges pet-friendly function with home décor. The doggie insert is a thoughtful addition that offers dogs a comfortable resting spot while maintaining the bed’s aesthetic appeal.

The design ensures the pet and owner can enjoy restful sleep without compromising comfort or space.

Customization Options

The creator of this bed, Jason Barton, accommodates custom requests and acknowledges the diverse needs of woodworkers and their clients.

Whether you prefer a different size, such as a queen bed, a specific color stain, or wood distressing, the bed is made to order to fit various tastes and requirements.

Crafting Process

Woodworkers looking to replicate or adapt this design would need to use precise measurement and customization to fit the memory foam mattress.

Attention to detail is crucial for integrating the doggie insert seamlessly with the main frame without affecting the structural integrity.

User Experience

This bed design considers the user’s lifestyle, offering a practical solution for pet owners.

It accommodates the pet’s comfort without sacrificing the owner’s space, making it a multifunctional piece of furniture.


The king bed with a doggie insert exemplifies how woodworking can be innovative and user-oriented.

This piece of furniture serves not just as a sleeping area but also as a testament to the woodworker’s ability to create adaptable, pet-inclusive designs that cater to the growing demand for customized home furnishings.

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