Concrete Coffee Table || DIY Concrete Mold Making

In “How to Make a Concrete Fluted Coffee Table,” Jason Hibbs from Bourbon Moth Woodworking embarks on an ambitious project to create a unique coffee table with a fluted concrete base and a wooden top.

This video is a deep dive into the creative process, showcasing Jason’s innovative approach to combining traditional woodworking techniques with concrete craftsmanship.

The project begins with Jason conceptualizing the design, inspired by the popular trend of fluted wood furniture but wanting to push the boundaries by using concrete instead. He meticulously plans the construction of a wooden mock-up of the coffee table, which will later serve as a mold for the concrete base.

This preparatory step is crucial, as it allows Jason to experiment with the fluted design and ensure everything fits together perfectly before moving on to the concrete work.

Jason’s choice of materials and tools is carefully considered, opting for oak closet rods to create the fluted effect around the table’s perimeter.

He demonstrates the importance of precision in cutting and assembling these wooden components, as any discrepancies could affect the final outcome of the concrete mold.

The process of creating the silicone mold from the wooden mock-up is both fascinating and complex. Jason navigates the challenges of working with silicone, from ensuring the mold is leak-proof to applying a release agent to prevent the silicone from sticking to the wood.

His detailed explanation of this process provides valuable insights for anyone interested in mold-making or working with concrete.

As the project progresses, Jason’s excitement and curiosity are palpable, especially when it comes to revealing the silicone mold and preparing it for the concrete pour. The anticipation builds as he mixes and pours the concrete, a testament to the project’s experimental nature and Jason’s willingness to take risks and learn from the process.

The video culminates in the unveiling of the finished coffee table, a moment of truth that showcases the success of Jason’s creative endeavor.

The fluted concrete base, paired with a sleek wooden top, results in a stunning piece of furniture that blurs the lines between art and functionality.

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