Should You Glue Pocket Hole Joints?

Should You Glue Pocket Hole Joints

We know pocket hole joints.  We like pocket hole joints.  We use pocket hole joinery in many of our projects.  It’s likely you do, too. Among the many types of joints, pocket hole joints are commonly used in a number of different projects.  It’s a very strong joint, and some woodworkers consider it to be … Read more

Biscuit Joints vs Dowels: Which is Better?

Biscuit Joints vs Dowels Which is Better

The right man for the job, the right tool for the task, are both important rules of conduct and work.  We’ve used the latter often when writing about woodworking and the projects we undertake.  The right tool for the task makes the task that much easier, of course. The same concept holds true for joinery.  … Read more

Box Joint vs Dovetail: Is One Better?

Box Joint vs Dovetail Is One Better

How many corner joint methods are there?  How many have you built?  What’s your favorite one, your go-to choice when building something in your woodworking shop?   There are many ways to join two pieces of wood together, and the method of joinery you choose depends often on the project.  A picture frame, for instance, is … Read more

How To Join Two Pieces of Wood At 45 Degrees

How To Join Two Pieces of Wood At 45 Degrees

Virtually every project in a woodworking shop has joint work, whether making a table, a chair, a desk, a bird feeder, or a picture frame. Every woodworker needs to be familiar with the various types of wood joints available for their project and have all of the tools and accessories needed to form the right … Read more

Can You Pocket Hole MDF?

Can You Pocket Hole MDF

If you have followed Obsessed Woodworking over the last 18 months, you’ve read a number of articles on pocket hole joinery.  We like pocket hole joints and use them often in our woodworking projects, and know a little bit about them.   You will find some of our past articles on pocket holes here: Picture frame … Read more

Are Dowels Stronger Than Pocket Holes?

Are Dowels Stronger Than Pocket Holes

Chairs need to support people; tables need to support dinner, or computers and books, or vases filled with water and flowers; cabinets need to hold their content; and, doors need to support the weight of their woods.  This is basic to the woodworking projects we tackle in our home shops. The strength of the pieces … Read more

What Tool Do You Use To Make Pocket Holes?

What Tool Do You Use To Make Pocket Holes

If you’ve been making picture frames, cabinet faces, or tables in your woodworking shop, then you likely know pocket holes and pocket hole joinery.  Most woodworkers consider it the strongest of joints, even more, strong than mortise and tenon joints.   We’ve written about or at least mentioned pocket hole joinery in a number of past … Read more

Can You Use Pocket Holes on Plywood?

Can You Use Pocket Holes on Plywood

We like pocket hole joinery.  A lot.  And we use it often in our own shop for many woodworking projects.  Pocket hole joints are solid and strong, and they hold well and tightly for a long time.  We’ve written about it in past pieces, most recently here and here. Pocket hole joints can be used … Read more

Are Pocket Holes Strong Enough For Shelves?

Are Pocket Holes Strong Enough For Shelves

Sometimes things can be so good and useful that we just keep returning to them.  Tomato soup and grilled cheese for lunch, or that old bathrobe we just can’t toss away, for instance. In woodworking, we keep turning to pocket hole joinery for the same reasons.  It just works.  It’s quick and easy, and it’s … Read more

What Size Screws Do I Need For Pocket Holes?

What Size Screws Do I Need For Pocket Holes

Pocket screws have been used for a long time, with one instance of pocket hole joints reportedly used on a table dating back to 1840.   You can use pocket hole joints to join 2 pieces of wood together in just about any configuration: Or any other way you can think of for your projects.  The … Read more

Biscuit Joint Advantages and Disadvantages

Biscuit Joint Advantages and Disadvantages

From episodes of This Old House to shop classes in school, we saw, heard about, and employed biscuit joinery as part of our woodworking education on joining two pieces of wood together.  It’s a quick and easy way to glue together those two pieces and ensure proper alignment.  They also add a measure of strength … Read more

How To Join Picture Frame Corners

How To Join Picture Frame Corners

It is very common to see a “frame center” store today.  They’ve been around for a few decades, offering framing services for paintings, posters, and almost anything else that can be framed and suitable for hanging on your living room wall.  Many also offer “do-it-yourself” framing classes on the weekends too.  You choose the wood, and the … Read more

How To Join Wood Without a Biscuit Joiner

How To Join Wood Without a Biscuit Joiner

Joining wood is part of virtually every woodworking project in your home.  Framing a window or door, building a cabinet, table, or chair, or adding shelves in your bathroom, are all projects where wood is joined in one fashion or another. There are different ways to join wood, and the use of biscuits is one of … Read more