How To Remove J-B Weld Safely

J-B Weld

There is the notion that nothing ever lasts forever and that things change always, in time.  Those thoughts crossed my mind as I was looking for a way to begin this piece. While J-B Weld is an excellent bonding agent, it does not last forever if we don’t want it to – a strong bond, … Read more

How To Dispose Of Stain Rags

Appling Stain With Rag

We all know the dangers of woodworking.  Power tools, and even hand tools, when not used properly and without taking the proper precautions, can cause great harm, and we must be careful. There is a reason why we recommend eye goggles, gloves, respirators, fans for ventilation, and ear plugs at times. Key Points: There are … Read more

How To Treat Pallet Wood For Outdoor Use

Pallet Wood Outside

Pallets have become popular for woodworking shop use for several reasons, not the least of which is you can often find them free of charge.  Free is a good thing when you are looking for stock to use in the shop, and pallet wood is no exception. Whether you are going to use them for … Read more

How To Cut Aluminum In A Woodworking Shop

Miter Saw Cutting Aluminum

We’re used to cutting wood with both power tools and hand tools.  After all, it’s a woodworking shop, and our projects involve working with wood. However, sometimes we incorporate a metal into our work.  Perhaps it’s a piece of furniture, maybe a coffee table, and we want to make it unique with a metal rack … Read more

How To Fix A Screw Hole That Is Too Big – 14 Possible Fixes

Hole Plug Products

How to fix a too-big screw hole, you ask?  Well, how many DIYers do you know?  We’re pretty creative and industrious, and we’ve all come up with workarounds, shortcuts, fancy jigs, and such, and it’s likely many of us have had to answer this question using materials already handy in the shop. A special trip … Read more

How To Make Polycrylic Slippery

Minwax Polycrylic

When I was young, horseshoes were one of our outdoor activities.  I played horseshoes every weekend with the father and brothers of the girl I was dating in high school, and the games were very competitive. Key Points: Later, I graduated to jarts – short, arrow-like darts that were tossed underhanded toward a plastic ring … Read more

How To Neutralize Red Tones In Wood

Old Plank with Red Tones

Red is a primary color that attracts attention and is associated with strong emotions. It can symbolize both positive and negative emotions, such as love, passion, anger, and fear. Red is also associated with danger and warning and is used in stop signs, traffic lights, and warning labels. Red is a popular color in romantic … Read more

How To Cut Wooden Dowels

Wooden Dowel

We know what wooden dowels are, and we have all used them from time to time, either in making something or repairing something in our woodworking shop.  You run to the local hardware store, where you will find wood dowels of various diameters standing upright in a display frame labeled with their gauges, and grab … Read more

How To Use Mineral Spirits On Wood

Mineral Spirits

We’ve mentioned mineral spirits many times in articles here, but we’ve not discussed in any detail how to use them, what they can do, or why to use them.  We thought we should correct this omission and talk a bit more about mineral spirits and why you should keep a can in your woodworking shop. … Read more

How To Soften Wood: 9 Easy Ways!

Bending Plywood

When we are making furniture in our woodworking shop, we think about a hard and durable wood that will be strong enough to support the weight (chairs and tables, for instance) and last a long time. But, not all woodworking projects call for hard woods.  Wood carving, for instance, prefers soft woods that are easier … Read more

How To Make Wood Filler Without Sawdust

We’ve written of wood fillers in the past, and the most comprehensive piece published on these pages had to do with choosing the right wood filler for your project.  It will answer many, if not most, of the questions you have about wood fillers. For instance, we covered the many types of wood fillers available … Read more

How To Make Bed Slats Stronger

Wooden Bed Slats

We know the value of sleep and the value of a good night’s sleep.  Being well-rested for a day of work or other activity can mean the difference between good work being done and falling asleep at your desk or workbench. We know in the woodworking shop that being well-rested can help avoid accidents and … Read more

How To Use A Combination Square (Beginner To Pro)

Combination Squares

In younger days, the rule was not to be a square.  In the woodworking shop, however, square is everything.  There are few things worse than looking at a frame (mirror, painting, picture, window, door) or a tabletop or desk that is out of square.   Fortunately, we have squares to help us, as well as accurate … Read more

A Beginner’s Guide To Using Wood Filler: Tips and Tricks

Beginner's Guide To Using Wood Filler

In woodworking, there are some givens that we expect and plan for as the project nears completion and the pieces are assembled.  Our nails, brads, and screws are handy, as are the drill and hammer. The piece comes together well, but those nails, brads, and screws leave marks – holes that need to be filled.  … Read more

How To Fix Water-Damaged Swollen Wood Furniture

How To Fix Water-Damaged Swollen Wood Furniture

Water-damaged, swollen wood furniture…if you’ve ever finished a room in the basement of your home as we did once, you likely had to contend with moisture. Key Points: Whether it was a dehumidifier that ran often and had to be emptied every day during the summer, at least you dealt with moisture a lot.  Carpet … Read more

How To Tell The Direction of Wood Grain

How To Tell The Direction of Wood Grain

I hate shaving.  Fortunately, I do not need to be clean-shaven every day, especially if I am working in the shop or the garden.  Still, even shaving 3 days a week is an annoyance. But, when I do shave, I know the smoothest shave will come by running the blade against the direction of whisker … Read more

How To Get A High Gloss Finish On Wood

How To Get A High Gloss Finish On Wood

While we now tend more to oil finishes for our woodworking projects, there is something to be said for a high-gloss finish.  It adds a wonderful air of elegance to wood and adds a depth and quality to its appearance.   Key Points: One of the reasons we like oil finishes is that it enables the … Read more

How To Make Wood Grain Pop

How To Make Wood Grain Pop

Wood grain is the most important feature of any piece of wood. It is what gives it its unique character, warmth, and beauty. The trick to making it stand out is to enhance the natural fibers in the wood. One way to do this is by understanding grain structure. The cells that make up the … Read more