Can You Paint Over Polyurethane?

Painting a Board

What Is Polyurethane? Polyurethane is a versatile polymer material that is made by reacting a polyol with an isocyanate. The resulting product is a strong, durable material that can be used in a wide variety of applications. Polyurethanes are known for their flexibility, toughness, and resistance to water, chemicals, and heat. They are also relatively … Read more

How Long To Wait Between Coats of Polyurethane?

Applying Polyurethane

We know that good and professional woodworking in the shop requires patience.  From measuring twice and cutting once to letting all applications of a finish dry adequately before the next one, patience is required. This is a truism when it comes to applying polyurethane coatings to your project.  From which type of polyurethane you are … Read more

Can You Put Polyurethane Over Stain?

Stained Pine Board

We are accustomed to using a topcoat on our woodworking projects.  Even when you have used a wood oil finish, many woodworking experts do suggest you apply a topcoat of some sort. Stain beautifies the wood and accentuates the wood grain.  Stained wood, no matter the color of the stain you have chosen, is beautiful.  … Read more

Does Red Oak Stain Well?

Red Oak Board With Stain

We know oak, and we like oak for certain projects.  Where I live is not heavily oak country – maples, both swamp and sap maples, rule the area.  We like maple, too, but today we’ll discuss oak, and in particular, red oak. Oak furniture, oak floors, and more are both popular and beautiful.  Strength and … Read more

Is Danish Oil Waterproof?

Danish Oil

In a previous article on these pages, we discussed the differences between Waterlox and Watco Danish oil. While there are differences between them, they are negligible on most of the important considerations, but the purpose of the article was to compare and contrast.  We did not delve into either in great detail, and for this … Read more

Can You Stain Over Varnish?

Varnish and Stain

When it comes to questions about woodworking, and in this instance, finishing a project, there are often follow-up questions, the answers to which are as equally important to the original answer.  “Can I” should also be followed up by “Should I?, and perhaps “How should I do it?, as well.   Here we are with a … Read more

What To Do If The Final Coat Of Polyurethane Feels Rough

Polyurethane Finish on Table

The finishing part of a woodworking project has many options, with staining and painting being the most obvious.  It’s the choice of topcoat that has many more options, and one of the most common today is polyurethane. You’ve likely worked with polyurethane before and have some idea of the process of application.  Skipping steps in … Read more

How Long Does Spar Urethane Last Outside?

Outdoor Table

We know polyurethane, and so do you.  You’ve likely used it on woodworking projects and may even consider it your first choice for your work pieces.  We have a general idea of what polyurethane is, too. We know, for instance, that polyurethane is composed of polymers and urethane (poly + urethane = polyurethane). This “spar” … Read more

How To Apply Varnish Without Brush Marks


If only everything we use in finishing a project were self-leveling, like the concrete or goop, we use to provide an undercoat in bathroom flooring, for instance.  Wouldn’t that be great?  Everything self-leveling? Sadly, that is not the case.  Brush marks can abound if we don’t use proper preparation and application techniques, and that can … Read more

Does Tung Oil Waterproof Wood?

Tung Oil on Walnut

We like using an oil finish on our woodworking projects at Obsessed Woodworking. We’ve written about a number of oils used in finishing wood, including boiled linseed oil, Danish oil, and teak oil.  Today we want to drill down a little bit about tung oil.  We’ve mentioned it in past articles, but now want to … Read more

Does Cedar Stain Well?

Cedar Board Stained

We recently wrote an article about painting cedar wood white.  While we wonder why anyone would want to since cedar is a beautiful wood on its own, we had been asked, and so we answered.  Everyone walks their own woodworking path and is entitled to do as they wish. For us, though, we prefer to … Read more

How To Treat Untreated Wood For Outdoor Use

Adirondack Chair

When spring rolls around, and we begin thinking about outdoor projects  – gardens, fences, wooden furniture, decks, patios, pergolas – we woodworkers have a variety of projects to choose from.  The new wooden deck I built behind my house, surrounded by a meditation garden, was built with pressure-treated wood, ground contact rated. I expect to … Read more

Can You Stain Wood Without Sanding?

Staining Wood

A lawyer friend of mine once told me most of his clients had as their first question, “Can I be sued?”  He always answered yes, but told them the more important question was whether they could be sued successfully.  That conversation came to mind when I began writing this article, and you can see where … Read more

Can You Use Oil Based Polyurethane Over Water Based Stain

Applying Polyurethane Over Stain

Oil and water are two liquids that do not mix together. This is because they have different chemical properties. Water is a polar molecule, which means that it has a positive and negative end. Oil is a non-polar molecule, which means that it does not have a positive or negative end. Polar molecules are attracted … Read more

Can You Stain Over Shellac?

Stain and Shellac

When we began our woodworking hobby, we assumed there was a generally accepted order in which our project was to be finished.  If the wood was to be stained, we stained, and then we added a topcoat, whether polyurethane, varnish, shellac, lacquer, etc. We assumed these were the “rules” of woodworking.   Key Points: We gained … Read more

How Long Does Teak Oil Take To Dry?

Apply Teak Oil To Chair

Teak wood is a good choice for outdoor furniture, as you probably know.  You might even have a piece or two of outdoor teak furniture yourself.  It’s a durable wood, has a Janka rating of 1155, which ranks it harder than English oak (Janka rating of 1120), and is resistant to rot. So, why wouldn’t … Read more

Will Water-Based Polyurethane Yellow?

Water-Based Polyurethane

We all have a pretty good idea of the value of a topcoat on our stained projects.  Stains will enhance the wood’s appearance and grain and provide color to the wood. However, stains offer no protection to the wood.   Key Points: We know the enemies of wood, too:  water, heat, sun, and its UV rays.  … Read more

How To Apply Polyurethane To Wood: Tips And Tricks For A Smooth Finish

How To Apply Polyurethane To Wood

Chances are you’ve used polyurethane as a topcoat for at least some of your woodworking projects.  Chances are, too, you already know what polyurethane is, or at least have a general idea.  Just to make sure, though, we’ll engage in a little science first and then get to ordinary “speak” about it.  Key Points: What … Read more