But you won’t believe everything that fits in there. Heres how

In the video “Small Workshop Tour 2024,” Jon from Lincoln St. Woodworks offers a comprehensive walkthrough of his single-car garage workshop, detailing the evolution, organization, and efficient use of the space.

This video is an excellent resource for anyone planning to set up a small workshop or looking to optimize an existing one.

Jon begins by introducing his 12×22 ft workspace, emphasizing the importance of gradual improvements over time.

He highlights that nearly everything in his shop, except for the outfeed table and miter saw station, is on casters, making the space adaptable and multifunctional. Jon stresses the necessity of maintaining a dedicated walkway and some open floor space to maneuver and assemble large projects.

A significant aspect of Jon’s setup is his approach to dust collection. He uses flexible hoses with quick-release attachments instead of hard plumbed PVC pipes, allowing easy movement of the dust collection system between tools.

Jon explains that in a small shop, it’s more practical to use a 1.5 to 2 horsepower motor for the dust collector, as it efficiently handles one tool at a time.

Jon’s candid insights into the functionality and placement of various tools are particularly valuable.

For instance, he discusses the challenges of storing and using a drum sander and the strategic placement of his 8-inch jointer to maximize infeed and outfeed space.

He also shares his experience with his table saw, advising viewers to position it with ample space for infeed and outfeed while utilizing the dead space on the right side.

The video also covers essential shop upgrades that enhance comfort and productivity. Jon recommends using padded floor mats to protect knees and reduce fatigue, and installing multiple LED lights to ensure proper illumination.

He also talks about upgrading his shop’s climate control with a DIY ductless mini-split system, highlighting its efficiency and ease of installation.

Throughout the tour, Jon provides practical storage solutions, such as using walls for hanging tools and incorporating mobile storage carts.

He demonstrates the benefits of having a mix of storage options, including pegboards, French cleats, and drawers, to keep the workspace organized and accessible.

“Small Workshop Tour 2024” is an informative guide for anyone looking to create a functional and efficient small workshop. Jon’s practical tips, combined with his straightforward presentation, make this video a valuable resource for woodworkers at any level of experience.