Building a Modern End Table

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In “How to Make a Mid Century Modern Side Table | Woodworking,” Keith Johnson takes viewers through the detailed process of creating a stylish and functional mid-century modern side table.

This project is perfect for those who appreciate the clean lines and organic forms characteristic of mid-century modern design, offering a hands-on approach to crafting a piece of furniture that embodies these principles.

Keith starts by breaking down white oak plywood for the upper case using a track saw and a parallel guide system from Woodpeckers, highlighting the efficiency and precision these tools bring to the project.

He emphasizes the importance of consistent widths and the utility of the track saw, which he considers a must-have tool, especially for working with sheet goods or slabs.

The video covers the meticulous process of cutting and assembling the case pieces, ensuring they are perfectly aligned and fit together seamlessly.

Keith uses a 45-degree chamfering bit on a router to create miter joints that contribute to the waterflow look around the case, a technique that can also be achieved with a track saw or table saw but is perfected with the router bit for dead-on angles every time.

Keith’s attention to detail is evident in his approach to preventing damage to the crisp edge of the miter by adjusting the router fence and using hold-down wheels or a feather board to ensure the material is flat on the table during routing.

He also demonstrates the use of a sacrificial board on top of the workpiece to drive against the fence, ensuring a perfectly crisp miter.

The assembly process involves gluing and clamping the case pieces together, using clear packing tape for visibility and checking for gaps. Keith generously applies glue to all joints, mitre folds the case up, and uses more packing tape and band clamps to secure the assembly while the glue dries.

Keith also includes a segment on creating the back of the case, using a rabbeting bit on the router table to accept the back panel and detailing the process of resawing material for the back on the table saw and planer.

He emphasizes the importance of relative dimensioning, ensuring all parts fit together perfectly.

The video is a comprehensive guide to building a mid-century modern side table, showcasing Keith Johnson’s woodworking skills and his ability to teach viewers how to replicate this stylish piece of furniture in their own workshops.

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