Best Way to Cut an Oval || Cool Router Jig

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In the video titled “Massive Slab Flattening & Elliptical Jig Build” by Jason Hibbs of Bourbon Moth Woodworking, the content is divided into two main sections: flattening a large glued-together slab of two by fours, and constructing an elliptical jig for woodworking projects.

Jason starts by explaining a challenge presented by a friend who needed help flattening a massive, unevenly glued slab intended for a tabletop.

The slab was not square, flat, and too large for a standard planer.

Jason demonstrates a DIY approach to flatten such oversized pieces using a custom-made router sled, which he refers to humorously as a “router train.”

The process involves constructing rails from plywood to guide the router sled over the slab, ensuring it becomes perfectly flat and workable.

This section is detailed with instructions on making the sled, adjusting for the slab’s size, and the actual flattening process.

The second part of the video focuses on creating an elliptical jig from plywood and various hardware.

Jason outlines the steps to design and assemble the jig, emphasizing its utility in cutting precise elliptical shapes for woodworking projects.

He shares tips for ensuring the jig’s accuracy and smooth operation, making the process accessible to viewers at home.

Throughout the video, Jason’s explanations are clear, infused with humor, and backed by practical demonstrations.

He also highlights the importance of safety and proper planning in woodworking.

By the end, viewers gain insight into effective techniques for slab flattening and the versatility of homemade jigs in custom projects.

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