Bending wood is easy…until it isn’t

In the video “Bending Wood and Creating Elegant Curves,” Keith Johnson from Keith Johnson Custom Woodworking takes viewers through the intricate process of wood bending, transforming flat boards into elegant, curved designs.

This tutorial is packed with essential tips and innovative solutions, making it a must-watch for woodworking enthusiasts eager to learn advanced techniques.

Keith begins by addressing the challenges of bending wood into purposeful designs. He explains the importance of creating accurate bending forms and shares useful router tricks. His approach to resawing flat boards into thin strips, which are then bent and glued back together, is both practical and enlightening. This technique, known as bent lamination, is crucial for creating smooth, consistent curves.

One of the highlights of the video is Keith’s step-by-step demonstration of constructing the bending forms. He meticulously builds both male and female sides of the form to ensure even pressure during the clamping process. His attention to detail in measuring and cutting the forms, as well as adding guide rails to prevent misalignment, showcases his expertise and commitment to precision.

Keith also experiments with an LED-cured finish, adding a modern twist to traditional woodworking. This segment is particularly interesting as it tests the effectiveness of this innovative finishing method. Additionally, the video features a segment on creating invisible custom hardware for swing-out drawers, which is a game-changer for adding functional elegance to woodworking projects.

Throughout the video, Keith’s clear and detailed explanations, along with his practical demonstrations, make complex techniques accessible to viewers. His use of a steam box to make the wood strips more pliable before bending them into the forms is a valuable tip, ensuring the wood bends uniformly without cracking.

“Bending Wood and Creating Elegant Curves” is an invaluable resource for woodworkers looking to expand their skills and tackle more advanced projects. Keith Johnson’s thorough guidance and innovative techniques provide viewers with the knowledge and confidence to explore the art of wood bending, creating beautiful, functional pieces.

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