BELT SANDER BAN – Why? Where? …and what to use instead.

In the video “Replace Your Belt Sander Forever with This Tool,” Stumpy Nubs from Stumpy Nubs Woodworking Journal presents a compelling case for why hobbyist woodworkers should abandon their belt sanders in favor of a more traditional yet efficient tool: the hand plane.

This video is an eye-opener for anyone looking to improve their woodworking efficiency and reduce the mess and noise associated with belt sanders.

Stumpy Nubs begins by acknowledging that while hand planes can be intimidating and often neglected in modern woodworking, they offer unique advantages that many may not realize.

He argues that belt sanders, though common, are noisy, messy, and can quickly ruin a project if not used carefully. His goal is to show woodworkers a better alternative that is quieter, cleaner, and equally, if not more, effective.

The video highlights the simplicity and efficiency of using a hand plane with a cambered iron. Stumpy demonstrates how a flea market plane, modified with a cambered iron, can outperform a belt sander.

This modification involves grinding a radius on the cutting edge of the plane iron, transforming it into a tool that can quickly remove wood without the noise and dust of a sander.

Throughout the video, Stumpy provides practical examples of how this modified hand plane can be used.

He shows how it can level a workbench, fit drawers, and even shape boards without the need for a bandsaw or table saw. These demonstrations effectively illustrate the versatility and precision of the cambered hand plane.

Stumpy’s approachable teaching style and clear instructions make the process of modifying and using a hand plane accessible to woodworkers of all skill levels.

He emphasizes that this tool requires minimal investment and skill, making it an attractive option for those looking to enhance their woodworking capabilities.

“Replace Your Belt Sander Forever with This Tool” is a must-watch for any woodworker tired of the drawbacks of belt sanders.

Stumpy Nubs’ expertise and practical advice provide viewers with the knowledge and confidence to embrace this traditional yet highly effective tool, transforming their woodworking experience.