Barlow Guitars Falcon II: A Fusion of Fine Woods and Music

The Barlow Guitars Falcon II is an outstanding example of how traditional woodworking and modern design come together to create an instrument that is visually stunning and sonically outstanding.

Materials and Construction:

At first glance, the Brazilian Rosewood top catches the eye with its deep, complex grain and rich hues that speak of luxury and quality.

The body is made of Padauk, a choice wood for its bold color and tonal properties, ensuring a warm, resonant sound that’s as full-bodied as the wood it’s carved from.

Complementing the assembly is a neck crafted from the same Brazilian Rosewood, ensuring continuity in aesthetics and tone.

The fretboard, made of Cocobolo, not only adds to the visual splendor with its intricate grain patterns but also offers a solid, responsive surface for precise fingerwork.

Hardware Details:

The hardware on this guitar includes a Wudtone Tremolo system that provides a smooth vibrato effect without compromising tuning stability.

Sperzel Locking Tuners ensure the strings hold their pitch, even during the most vigorous performances.

SS Fretwire offers durability and a slick feel under the fingers, while the Tusq Nut ensures clean, pinging sustain.


Fitted with Ezi Pickups, the Falcon II promises a versatile sound palette, suitable for a myriad of playing styles.

The electronic configuration is designed to capture the full dynamic range of the instrument, offering clarity and articulation in each note.


The guitar features a 25″ scale length with a 22 fret expanse, providing ample range for musical expression.

The 4 bolt neck joint is a testament to traditional design, ensuring a sturdy and reliable connection between neck and body.

The 12″ radius and thin D neck profile facilitate a comfortable and fast playing experience, suitable for both rhythm and lead playing.


The Barlow Satin Oil finish not only protects the wood but also enhances its natural beauty, giving the guitar a lustrous sheen that’s smooth to the touch and easy on the eyes.


The Barlow Guitars Falcon II is a testament to the woodworking artistry that goes into creating a premium musical instrument.

It embodies a blend of selected woods, quality hardware, and careful construction, resulting in a guitar that’s as playable as it is presentable.

This guitar not only reflects the skill of the luthier but also the passion of woodworkers who appreciate the intricate relationship between material, design, and function.

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