Innovative Symmetrical Shelving Units

This image depicts a symmetrical shelving unit, which is a functional storage solution and a statement piece for interior design.

Each shelf is unique in size and placement, challenging the conventional uniformity of shelving to create visual interest on an otherwise blank wall.

Innovative Shelving Design

The design concept breaks away from traditional shelving by employing a variety of lengths and breadths, creating an effect reminiscent of a puzzle.

This kind of shelving unit requires the woodworker to execute precise cuts for each piece and carefully plan the layout to maintain balance and proportion on the wall.

Material Choice

The shelves are constructed from solid hardwood, which is evident in the wood’s visible grain and warm tones.

The choice of wood suggests a preference for durability and aesthetics. Hardwoods such as oak or walnut are known for their longevity and the beauty of their natural grain patterns.

Construction and Installation

The construction of each shelf requires meticulous joinery to ensure stability, especially given the unconventional shapes and the cantilevered design.

The installation of such units requires a precise mounting process, ensuring that the shelves are level and securely anchored to the wall to support the weight of items placed upon them.

Finish and Style

The shelves appear to have a smooth, clear finish, likely a varnish or lacquer that enhances the natural wood color while protecting it from wear.

The simplicity of the finish allows the craftsmanship and the beauty of the wood to take center stage.


This symmetrical shelving unit offers a fresh take on storage and display. It exemplifies how woodworkers can push the boundaries of design to create pieces that are both artistic and functional.

The shelves serve as an inspiration for woodworkers to explore unconventional designs and apply their skills to create pieces that challenge traditional forms and functionality.

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