Ash Console Table: Craftsmanship and Precision

This is a beautifully crafted ash wood console table, a testament to the skill and precision in contemporary woodworking. It was designed by a student from Waters & Acland fine furniture school.

The table features a Rubio Belgian gray finish, enhancing the natural grain of the ash wood and providing a sophisticated, muted tone that complements its overall design.

Design and Construction Details:

The console table measures L3.5 x H3x D1 feet, providing a compact yet functional surface area. It features three drawers, each constructed with meticulous attention to detail.

The drawers are assembled using dovetails with miter cuts on the front and back, an intricate technique that not only ensures durability but also showcases the artisan’s proficiency with traditional joinery methods.

The use of the small Veritas guide for these cuts highlights the precision required in such craftsmanship.

Although challenges were faced with the miter cuts—such as the boards pulling slightly at the core—these were adeptly managed by compensating during the gluing process and reinforcing the structure to ensure stability and integrity.

Techniques and Tools Utilized:

The creation of the table’s legs involved both tenon and mortise assemblies, further attesting to the classical woodworking techniques employed in its construction.

The small crosspieces are joined using trunnions, adding both strength and aesthetic detail to the piece.

The curved parts of the table were initially shaped with a band saw, followed by detailed finishing using templates and a copy cutter, demonstrating the combination of power tools and hand-finishing techniques to achieve a refined result.

Drawer Construction:

The drawers themselves are a highlight, featuring covered dovetail assembly executed by hand—an indication of the artisan’s commitment to quality and traditional methods.

The bottoms of the drawers are fitted into grooves, providing a smooth sliding mechanism and enhancing the piece’s functionality.

Finishing Touches:

The Rubio Belgian gray finish not only protects the wood but also gives it a contemporary look that makes the console table versatile for various interior designs.

This finish, coupled with the ash wood’s durability, ensures that the console remains a lasting piece of furniture.


This ash wood console table is not just a piece of furniture but a reflection of skilled craftsmanship and a deep understanding of woodwork.

It stands as an inspiring example for woodworkers interested in blending traditional techniques with modern aesthetics.

The attention to detail in every joint and curve speaks to a dedication that goes beyond mere construction, reaching into the realm of art.

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