19 Amazing Wood Doors! (Modern & Historic)

As a woodworker, I have always appreciated doors. They are the first thing visitors see when entering a room or a house, and as the old saying goes, you never get a second chance to make a first impression.

Some of the doors below are ancient; others are modern. I have an appreciation for all styles.

This remarkable door, possibly the most ancient in the UK, is housed within Westminster Abbey, dating from the Anglo-Saxon era. The door’s origins trace back to the time of Edward the Confessor, around the 1050s, making it over 950 years old.

This is a modern sliding door designed with interlocking puzzle pieces in varying shades of wood, creating a unique and playful entryway.

Puzzle Door

This 14th-century door at Exeter Cathedral, UK, is thought to be the oldest existing cat flap.

14th century Door at Exeter Cathedral UK

This is a rustic wooden door featuring a heavy-duty diagonal bracing design, decorative iron hinges, and a lattice window, all accentuating its medieval or fantasy-inspired aesthetic.

An innovative wooden door with a segmented design, allowing it to open in a unique, cascading fashion.

This ornate door is from ash-Shibak Fort in Ibra, North ash-Sharqiyah Governorate, and originated from Surat, India, during the Mughal Empire.

This door is a porte cochère located on Rue La Bruyère in Paris.

This is a late 19th or early 20th-century West African wooden door featuring balanced geometric and curvilinear carvings and a dark patina from extensive use.

A little off-course from the rest of the doors on this page, but I wanted to share because I found it so cool!

Maker Unknown

This entrance, belonging to St. Nicholas Church in Barfrestone, Kent, England, combines both Norman influences seen in the intricate stone carvings and the robust, functional design of the medieval era.

The rich, dark wood planks are framed by lighter wood, creating a warm, welcoming contrast. A small, barred window allows for a peek to the other side, while wrought iron hinges, a handle, and a classic ring knocker complete the traditional aesthetic

Maker Unknown

Traditional Chinese folding doors in The Old Museum of Wisteria

This contemporary door features a sophisticated design with a geometric array of wooden panels that play with the wood’s natural grain to create a visually striking pattern.

Gothic door of the St Magnus Cathedral

Renaissance door in Gdańsk (Poland)

This door features vertical wooden slats that suggest a serene, Zen-like atmosphere, juxtaposed with a smooth, elongated marble insert that adds an unexpected, luxurious twist

Romanian Revival door of the Școala Centrală National College on Strada Icoanei (Bucharest)

This door has a venerable appearance, with a history etched into every imperfection and knot of its weathered wooden planks. The arch at the top softens its otherwise sturdy rectangular form, suggesting a touch of elegance amid its robust, rustic character.

Barn doors in my basement.

Barn Doors