An Adirondack Bench with Built-in Beverage Cooler! (DIY Video Included)

This bench combines classic comfort and practical innovation—a wooden Adirondack bench with a built-in cooler tailored for leisurely days and social gatherings.

Design and Functionality:

The bench marries the timeless design of the Adirondack chair with the modern necessity of keeping beverages cool.

Built to accommodate two people, it sports a central cooler ready to be stocked with ice and drinks, ensuring refreshments are within arm’s reach.

Construction Details:

The bench is constructed using principles typical of Adirondack furniture—straightforward lines, a sloped seat for comfort, and a high back.

The wood chosen for this piece appears to be pressure-treated lumber, ideal for withstanding outdoor elements and ensuring longevity.

Integrated Cooler:

The central feature of this bench is the seamlessly integrated cooler, complete with a hinged lid for easy access.

This design element is both an aesthetic focal point and a conversation starter, enhancing the bench’s utility without compromising its style.

Ergonomics and Comfort:

True to the Adirondack style, the bench’s seats are angled to support relaxation.

The armrests are broad and flat, providing ample space for a beverage or small plate, while one armrest cleverly includes a circular cutout, functioning as a cup holder.

Craftsmanship and Versatility:

The craftsmanship shows attention to detail, with the wood pieces smoothly cut and uniformly spaced for comfort and aesthetic appeal.

This bench can easily become a staple on any porch, patio, or garden, offering a spot for intimate conversations or a quiet evening under the stars.


This Adirondack bench with a built-in cooler exemplifies woodworking finesse—where functionality meets leisure.

It showcases how traditional designs can be innovatively tweaked to add practical value, making it a project that combines skill with creativity, designed for enjoyment and utility.

Build One Yourself!

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