99% Don’t Know a 3D Printer Could Change Woodworking FOREVER

In the video “Why Every Woodworker Needs a 3D Printer,” Matt from 731 Woodworks introduces the transformative potential of incorporating a 3D printer into a woodworking shop.

This video serves as an insightful guide for woodworkers considering the addition of a 3D printer to their toolkit, emphasizing ease of use, affordability, and the myriad practical applications in a workshop setting.

Matt starts by highlighting his initial skepticism about using a 3D printer in woodworking but quickly dispels his doubts by showcasing its numerous benefits.

He demonstrates how easily and quickly a 3D printer can produce custom parts, like a dust adapter for a DeWalt saw, in under 90 minutes. This example sets the stage for exploring other ways a 3D printer can address specific needs in the workshop.

The video details how Matt has used his 3D printer for shop organization, creating custom storage solutions for small parts, tool holders, and even inserts for Milwaukee Packout systems. These practical applications underscore the printer’s ability to enhance efficiency and organization in a woodworking shop.

Matt shares his experience printing various holders and trays that fit perfectly into his existing storage solutions, illustrating the versatility and utility of 3D printing.

Matt also touches on the convenience of accessing ready-made designs online, which can be downloaded and printed with ease.

He points out that many files are available for free, making it simple for woodworkers to start printing useful items without needing extensive design skills. Additionally, he mentions purchasing files from designers like Jonah Pope, showcasing the supportive and collaborative community around 3D printing.

Throughout the video, Matt compares two different 3D printers: a more affordable model and a higher-end option.

He discusses the setup process, print speed, and print area of each, providing a comprehensive overview to help viewers choose the right printer for their needs. His honest assessment of the pros and cons of each machine offers valuable insights for anyone considering a purchase.

“Why Every Woodworker Needs a 3D Printer” is an informative and inspiring guide that demonstrates the practical benefits of 3D printing in woodworking. Matt’s clear explanations and real-life examples make a compelling case for why this technology is a game-changer for woodworkers, whether for creating custom parts, organizing tools, or enhancing overall shop efficiency.