60,000 injuries per year

In “Table Saw Safety & Setup Guide,” Jon from Lincoln St. Woodworks provides an essential guide on how to safely use and set up a table saw, a crucial tool in any woodworker’s arsenal.

He emphasizes the staggering statistic that every nine minutes, there’s a table saw injury in the U.S., leading to over 60,000 injuries per year, including 3,000 amputations. This video aims to educate viewers on preventing such injuries by understanding the proper use and setup of table saws.

Jon breaks down the differences between portable and stationary table saws, explains why he chose a SawStop for its safety features, and offers a giveaway to his viewers.

He identifies two common causes of table saw injuries: kickback and impatience, leading to unsafe handling of the saw or workpiece. Jon stresses the importance of using a riving knife or splitter to prevent kickback and advises against attempting to grab off-cuts or workpieces before the blade stops spinning.

The video covers essential setup principles applicable to all table saws, including ensuring the fence is parallel to the miter slots and the blade is also parallel to ensure accurate and safe cuts.

Jon highlights the importance of waxing the saw bed for smooth workpiece movement and wearing appropriate safety gear.

Jon discusses the selection of saw blades, emphasizing the difference a quality blade can make and the specific uses of general-purpose and rip blades.

He also explains the proper techniques for rip cuts and crosscuts, including the use of push blocks and sticks for safety and control.

The video addresses the dangers of kickback and how to prevent it by ensuring the workpiece doesn’t pinch the blade, potentially leading to dangerous situations. Jon also touches on the importance of blade guards and how their regular use could dramatically reduce table saw injuries.

Jon’s guide is a comprehensive resource for anyone looking to understand the safe and effective use of table saws, from beginners intimidated by the tool to experienced woodworkers looking to refine their practices.

His emphasis on safety, proper setup, and the right techniques aims to make woodworking a safer and more enjoyable experience.

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