5 Ways to Joint Boards Without A Jointer

In the video “5 Ways to Joint Boards Without a Jointer,” Matt from 731 Woodworks showcases several innovative methods for woodworkers to achieve clean, straight edges on their boards without needing to invest in an expensive jointer.

Matt provides a step-by-step tutorial on each technique, making this video a valuable resource for both novice and experienced woodworkers.

Matt begins by introducing the five methods he will demonstrate: using a piece of plywood, creating a homemade jig, utilizing a 4-foot level, employing simple tape, and executing cuts with a circular saw.

Each method is explained in detail, with Matt highlighting the benefits and potential drawbacks of each approach.

One of the standout techniques involves using a 4-foot level as a guide for the table saw, which Matt explains can be effective for shorter boards but may not always yield perfectly tight seams for longer boards.

He continues by demonstrating how to build a simple jig from plywood to enhance precision and consistency when jointing with a table saw.

Throughout the video, Matt’s explanations are clear and enriched with practical tips, such as ensuring the saw blade is exactly 90 degrees to the saw table for accurate cuts.

He also humorously infuses a bit of magic into his tutorial, playfully suggesting that magic sawdust might be the secret ingredient to successful woodworking.

The video also benefits from Matt’s hands-on demonstrations, where he shows the actual cutting processes and the resulting quality of the joints.

This visual component is especially useful for woodworkers who need to see the technique in action to fully understand the mechanics and results.

Overall, Matt’s video serves as an excellent guide for woodworkers looking to enhance their skills in creating jointed boards without the need for a jointer.

His approachable style, combined with practical advice and a touch of humor, makes this video a must-watch for anyone interested in efficient and cost-effective woodworking techniques.

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