5 Easy Ways to Save BIG Money with Pipe Clamps and These Little-Known Tricks

In the video “Old School Clamping Tricks,” Izzy Swan from Izzy Swan Woodworking shares a series of practical and innovative clamping techniques, blending traditional methods with modern solutions.

This video is a treasure trove of tips for woodworkers looking to enhance their clamping skills and improve their workflow.

Izzy begins by demonstrating the versatility of mounting a pipe clamp to the side of a workbench. He explains how this setup avoids the need to drill multiple holes in a workbench top, making it an excellent option for those who prefer a clean, flat bench. This method allows for secure work holding, ideal for tasks such as planing, scraping, or working on larger panels.

A standout feature in the video is Izzy’s explanation of using pipe clamps for holding panels on the side of a workbench. He shows how this simple setup can facilitate working on drawer panels or doors, providing easy access and a strong holding fixture. The step-by-step instructions for building this system, including drilling holes in scrap plywood and using pocket hole screws, make it accessible for woodworkers of all skill levels.

Izzy also shares a timeless trick passed down from his great uncle Henry, involving the use of a pipe clamp and a wooden block to hold curved pieces like cabriole legs securely. This method provides a stable and comfortable working position, making it easier to perform detailed work such as rounding edges or adding carved details.

In addition to these techniques, Izzy highlights the benefits of pipe clamps over more expensive parallel clamps, emphasizing their cost-effectiveness. He offers practical advice on purchasing and preparing pipe, including tips on waxing the pipes to prevent black marks on wood projects and using thread cutters to create custom clamp lengths.

One of the most innovative solutions showcased is a clamp rack system from TNT Industries, designed for organizing and using multiple pipe clamps efficiently. This system allows for multiple layers of glue-ups, making it ideal for production shops and smaller woodworking spaces.

Izzy’s clear explanations and hands-on demonstrations make this video a valuable resource for woodworkers looking to expand their clamping toolkit. His blend of old-school wisdom and modern ingenuity ensures that viewers can apply these techniques to improve their woodworking projects.

“Old School Clamping Tricks” is a must-watch for anyone interested in enhancing their clamping strategies. Izzy Swan’s expertise and creative solutions provide viewers with practical, actionable tips that can be immediately implemented in their workshops.

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