12 Shop Upgrades that you NEED in your shop!

In the video “12 Easy Shop Upgrades,” The Evening Woodworker shares a range of practical and straightforward upgrades to enhance any woodworking shop.

This video is a valuable resource for woodworkers looking to optimize their workspace efficiently and effectively.

The video starts with a simple but impactful suggestion: double outlets. By adding more outlets, particularly in frequently used areas, woodworkers can reduce the hassle of constantly switching plugs. This small upgrade makes a big difference in maintaining workflow and avoiding interruptions.

Next, The Evening Woodworker emphasizes the importance of optimizing small tool storage. He recommends building a tool garage or storage system with dividers to keep tools organized and easily accessible. This approach eliminates the need for bulky tool cases and maximizes available space.

The video also highlights the benefits of adding more drawers. Simple, easy-to-build drawers help keep tools dust-free and the workspace tidy. He suggests looking for underutilized areas where additional storage can be added, such as beneath workbenches or tables.

Another useful tip is to install air hose lines and power drops. These additions allow for convenient access to air tools and power outlets without the need for long extension cords, making the workspace more efficient and organized.

Tool upgrades are another focal point. Replacing stock blades and bits with higher-quality ones can significantly enhance the performance of power tools. The Evening Woodworker shares his experience of upgrading his table saw and router, resulting in better precision and efficiency.

The video also covers the importance of comfortable shop flooring. Anti-fatigue mats, though inexpensive, provide significant relief for the feet and legs during long hours of work. They can be placed in high-traffic areas like in front of workbenches and saws.

For lumber storage, The Evening Woodworker suggests investing in or building a lumber rack. Proper storage for lumber and scraps keeps the shop organized and makes material management easier.

Temporary workbenches are another great addition. Foldable, sturdy workbenches provide extra workspace when needed and can be stored away easily when not in use.

Fastener organizers help keep small hardware items neatly sorted. He recommends bins with removable compartments for easy access and organization.

Shop lighting is crucial for a well-functioning workspace. The Evening Woodworker advises upgrading to LED lights for bright, clear illumination, which is essential for detailed work and accurate measurements.

Work mats are highlighted for their versatility. They protect work surfaces during sanding, gluing, and assembly, and can be easily cleaned or replaced as needed.

Finally, The Evening Woodworker encourages personalizing the shop with decor that reflects your interests and projects. This makes the workspace more enjoyable and motivating.

As a bonus tip, he suggests setting up an Amazon wish list for shop upgrades. Sharing this list with friends and family can help you receive tools and materials as gifts, making upgrades more affordable.

“12 Easy Shop Upgrades” is a must-watch for woodworkers seeking practical, cost-effective ways to improve their shop. The Evening Woodworker’s insights and tips are sure to enhance any workspace, making it more efficient and enjoyable to use.

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